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©2019 by Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation. 501 (c)(3) organization 

Our program is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Our program is designed to promote leadership, offer mentorship, critical thinking projects, STEM design and experiments, and  life skills for all areas of STEM for level 1 through 6. Workshops, events, challenges participation, and summer camps will be offered to target all girls STEM interest area.

Our collegiate level will focus on leadership development, life skills, interview preparation, mentorship, understanding your career choice. Workshop and events will be offered.

Our program at Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation consist of seven levels:

  1. Soil- This level is tailored for Fourth Grade girls.

  2. Roots- This level is tailored for Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade Girls.

  3. Trunks- This level is tailored for Seventh Grade and Eight Grade Girls.

  4. Branches Level 1- This level is tailored for Ninth Grade and Tenth Grade Girls.

  5. Branches Level 2- This level is tailored to Eleventh Grade Girls.

  6. Branches Level 3- This level is tailored to Twelfth Grade Girls.

  7. Crown- This level is tailored to the Collegiate Students.

All girls will gain knowledge in the following areas.

  • Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science and Programming

  • Robotics Technology

  • Mathematics